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We offer a highly personalised service and draw on our knowledge of research and the evidence base that underpins our profession. We are sure we have a physiotherapist available who will be able to help you first understand your problem and then formulate a plan to overcome it. 


Physiotherapy is a science-based healthcare profession that aims to restore movement and function within the body. It utilises manual therapy techniques such as mobilisations, manipulations and massage to optimise the state of tissues within the body, improving mobility and relieving pain. 

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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is used by both Physiotherapists and Osteopaths to restore normal function within the tissues of the body, our clinicians use techniques such as manipulations and mobilisations to improve the mobility of soft tissues and joints, aiming to improve function and relieve pain.

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Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation aims to return you to optimal levels of fitness, sometimes at better than previous levels. 

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Össur knee bracing

We fit specialist knee braces, including the renowned Össur CTI and Unloader ranges of functional knee braces.

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Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine based on a holistic concept of treatment.

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We apply a 10% discount for initial consultations booked through our website. 


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