2019 London Marathon Checklist

London Marathon
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We LOVE the London Marathon. The atmosphere of the yearly event is magical. The runners, from all different walks of life and each with a different story, are inspirational.

We have run the London Marathon before so we know that along with all the magic there are also a lot of nerves, quite a bit of worrying and a lot of unknowns. You’ve spent hours of your life (literally) training and you want to make sure that this all pays off. To help you out we have put together a checklist to help your day run (?‍♀️) as smoothly as possible. So you can concentrate on feeling and doing your best. Our motto for a good marathon is be prepared.

✅ Leave nothing to chance. Plan your transportation to the starting line, and home from the finish line. Leave early (just in case there is a delay – we all know what London transport can be like!).

✅ Only eat familiar foods the day before the race.

✅ Don’t wear anything new on race day. No new running clothes, shoes or socks!

✅ Don’t get a massage the week before your race. A massage can often cause some muscle soreness, and you don’t need this before the race!

✅ Be organised. Have your bag packed and all your clothes laid out and ready the night before the race. Even pin your number to your race shirt the night before. You don’t want any distractions or extra tasks on race morning. Pack a spare pair of sandals or shoes for post race. No matter how comfy your running shoes are – after 26.2 miles a different pair of shoes can feel like the greatest thing ever.

✅ Cut your toe nails!

✅ Make the most of the chance to eat carbs! Go crazy for the week leading up to the marathon.

✅ Try and get at least 8 hours sleep each night for the week leading up to the marathon. Chances are the night before the race you won’t get the best night’s sleep. If you have slept well the previous nights then this doesn’t matter as much.

✅ Apply vaseline to any areas that are likely to chaff during the race. Think underarms, inner thigh, groin, toes, small of the back and nipples (yes really). Your skin will thank you for this once you are running.

✅ Take an old jumper (and hat and gloves if it is cold) to wear and discard before the race. It is so important to stay warm before the race. Last year was the hottest year the London Marathon has seen, but this year could be the coldest.

✅ Run slow when you start out! You need to pace yourself. It is so easy to start out too fast (learn from our errors). Your body will thank you when you get to the last 6 miles.

✅ Have fun! Easy to say when you are not the one running, but the whole experience of the marathon (especially the London one) is amazing! People will be shouting your name and words of encouragement; there will be live music. It really is an awe inspiring event and if you can –  enjoy it.

✅ Organise a place to meet your friends and family post race. Mobile phone reception can be dodgy after the race. Also make sure you eat something small (around 200 – 300 calories) within the first 30 minutes of finishing.

✅ Don’t forget to rehydrate and recover after the race. This is so important! Marathons are unbelievably tough on your feet and body.

✅ Monday will be painful! It is totally normal to feel sore. It takes up to two weeks to fully recover and walking down the stairs backwards is very common as your quads don’t want to bend (we did it for at least 2 days!).Wait at least two to six hours after the race to fully stretch and foam roll (light stretches after the race are fine). This allows your muscles time to replenish fluids and energy lost and recover from the demands of the race. Book a post run massage (but not until 24 hours after your run) – you deserve it!

So that’s it! Good luck and run sensibly – and if you need any advice from a physio, pre or post marathon, get in touch.

We will be there on the 28th April cheering you on.


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