An interview with Mike Aunger, Director of TechniquePhysio

Mike Aunger

Our next couple of blog posts are about our ‘leaders’ at Technique Physio. We thought it would be great to give you an insight into who they actually are.

Here is little bit about Mike Aunger one of the partners.

How did you get into physiotherapy?

I am sure this is a story you will hear from every physiotherapist involved in sport. Once upon a time I played a lot of sport (I still try too), I had a shoulder dislocation in a game of rugby around the time I was looking at my GCSEs/A levels.

I ended up seeing a physiotherapist for my dodgy shoulder and thought, ‘I like his job, I could do this,’ then followed 3-4 arduous years of Chemistry! An error, but believe it or not I won the Chemistry prize at my school. I cannot remember a thing I was taught other than some rubbish about organic chemistry! It got me a place at Physio school though and here I am 11 years on.

What are your Interests and hobbies?

I love sport, particularly rugby, football and any American sport. Teams I follow: Football (Manchester United, but work for Chelsea FC) Rugby (Harlequins and England) American Football (SF 49ers) Basketball (Phoenix Suns) Ice Hockey (NY Rangers) Baseball (NY Yankees)

I run 3-4 times per week and also like to do informal triathlons around Hyde/Regents park from my gym in Mayfair and I play touch rugby regularly through the summer because I am too old and fragile to play proper rugby now 🙁

I also sometimes sing in the shower but I wouldn’t want anyone to have to hear that.

Who are your typical clients?

A large mix of people / chelsea / military. I honestly think I get on with most people. I treat people from all sorts of backgrounds and careers and I really enjoy this aspect of my job.

As you know I also work for Chelsea FC which is great, it involves working with the youth team from the ages of 9-16 years old. I really enjoy watching the Chelsea lads play football, some of it could easily be on match of the day, and as much as footballers have a bad reputation, everyone at Chelsea from staff to players are all good people and unassuming.

Lastly I have spent the last 18 months working for the British Army, this was a great 18 months which I will look back on with a lot of good memories because of the people. I only have the utmost respect for those that chose to dedicate their lives to protecting us ‘civvies’.

What are your plans / vision for Technique Physio?

The long and short is we want to help people (I know what you are thinking, blah blah blah, but it is true). I am happiest when I feel like I have given someone a good service that sets us apart from the rest. Technique is about physiotherapy yes, but we want it to be so much more. We have our eyes on the health and fitness industry and we would also like to run our corporate activities alongside a charitable foundation that helps those in need of physiotherapy but are unable to pay.

What is your top tip for maintaining fitness and health?

My one tip for health and well being is maximum effort in moderation. Meaning whatever the activity is you do, whether it be endurance or team sport. Train in moderation with maximum effort for the time you do it. Those who train too often and for too long often cause themselves harm and aren’t as effective as those who have a more balanced approach. This is my motto for most things in life, but what the hell do I know!

To book an appointment with Mike, please use the form on the home page or drop us a mail at


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