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Well hello there! If you have found yourself browsing the internet and have stumbled onto this page we would like to welcome you to the blog of Technique Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine. Technique is a new company aimed at people that enjoy being active, as well as those who want to get more active. We are a company committed to health and well being. We like to think we are preventative and proactive in keeping people doing what they enjoy, but we also act as a curative entity, as everybody gets injuries sometimes.

This blog will be aimed at feeding you with a wealth of information on all things that could be classed as health and fitness. To those that are active and training towards a particular goal, this information should be invaluable at helping you stay fit, and should the worst happen and you get an injury it should give you simple but effective advice at helping you get better quicker. We also don’t want to exclude anybody, for those of you that aren’t very active but want to start doing more we will be giving ideas about how to get into fitness in a variety of ways, whilst at the same time having fun.

So please sign up to our Twitter feed and Follow Us on Facebook because we hope to build a brand that brings a positive message towards your health and fitness.

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