Cycling Training Plans

Team Sky’s domination of the 2012 Tour de France along with Team GB in the Olympics, is inspiring many people to enter sportives. Tom Eeles of cycling holiday company SwissRetreat gives his top tips for training for a sportive

Training for a Sportive

If you are training for a sportive or cycling race and are short of reading time just follow these quick tips

  1. Start today! Go out for a bike road today; keep it short and sweet!
  2. Increase weekly time on the bike gradually
  3. Focus on short high quality sessions and improving bike skills rather than long gruelling workouts at weekends only
  4. Make riding dates with friends to help you stick to the plan
  5. Enter a test event before your big day – it will help you test routine, nutrition and riding in a group

Free Sportive Training plan

Following the plan helped me focus on enjoying training rather than worrying about whether I was doing the right things. I finished the Etape with a smile on my face!

Catherine Lightfoot, Etape Caledonia Finisher

This FREE sportive training plan covers a 12 week cycling training schedule that will improve your fitness, cycling skills and confidence so that you arrive at the start line feeling great and cross the finish line with a smile.

The sportive training plan covers a new skill every week to increase your confidence on the bike and improve your cycling efficiency.

Don’t worry if you have less than 12 weeks to go until your big day, just jump in at week one or a little further into the training plan if you have some miles under your belt.

Stop planning and start cycling: Plans can be a great place to procrastinate! Download the FREE sportive training plan today.

Are you entering a sportive this summer? Share your experience of training for a sportive in the comments below:

Author Bio

Tom Eeles is Directeur Sportif at SwissRetreat Cycling Tours and is working with Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine to bring you top tips on how to train for a sportive or get fit for a cycling holiday. Follow @SwissRetreat on Twitter for cycling training tips


Images Credit: The images are from the Cyclotour du Leman and are credited to Cyclotour du Leman and SwissRetreat. The Cyclotour du Leman is an 180km loop around Lake Geneva with rolling road closures, feed stations that include local cheese and stunning scenery of mountains and vineyards that make it one of the best cycling sportives in Switzerland.

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