Exercise on holiday : yes or no?

Exercise on holiday
You have spent months at the gym, pounding the pavement and eating a diet of greens to get into holiday shape. Your holiday finally arrives; you grab a sun lounger, order a drink and all thoughts of exercise swiftly leave your mind. Sound familiar?!

So the million dollar question is should we exercise on holiday? We think so. Why let all your hard work go to waste? Working out on holiday doesn’t need to encroach on your time spent relaxing, in fact in can help you to enjoy your holiday more (we all know exercise = more food and drinks  ?). Here are our top tips on how you can incorporate exercise seamlessly into your holiday, even if you don’t have access to a gym.

Top tips for exercise on holiday

  1. Exercise early. Get it over with and then you can go on to enjoy your day 🙂
  2. Keep the exercise short and sweet and you will be more likely to do it. A 20 min session every few days is the perfect holiday exercise. Anything longer and it can feel like a holiday drag.
  3. Take a skipping rope with you. Light to pack and such a good full body workout that you can do anywhere. If you are new to skipping remember to start off with a slow running skip or with short sets of around 30 seconds. There are also lots of variations to the type of skipping you can do. Take a look at bloomtofit.com for some inspiration to keep it varied. Benefits of Skipping
  4. Swimming. Often your summer holiday will give you access to the sea or a pool. Swimming is a great non weight bearing exercise that will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated (and maybe a little tired). If you don’t swim much start of slowly with a 10 minute swim and then improve on this as your holiday progresses.
  5. Walking or running. As well as getting exercise, getting out of your hotel or holiday accommodation and going for a walk or run is great way to explore your local area. You might come across a great restaurant, an amazing view or a secluded beach. It is perfect way to soak up the atmosphere of a different place.
  6. Body weight training. Your body is perfectly designed to be it’s own weight. Set up a short routine of exercises like mountain climbers, plank with shoulder taps, high knees, press ups, sit ups, burpees, lunges and squats. If you want to add some weights and do some arm exercises, bottles of water make great dumbbell replacements. Go for 30 or 40 seconds per exercise, have a short break and move on to the next exercise. 10 minutes of this is a great mini holiday work out!
  7. Take an resistance band (theraband) with you. As well as being great for stretching your muscles (see some of the benefits of using one below), a resistance band is also perfect or making squats and lunges more intense.
    Resistance bandThere are hundreds of ways to use a band to achieve a full body workout. Check out our earlier blog to see some resistance band exercises: www.technique.com/all-about-the-butt
  8. If you are wanting something a bit more hard core for your holiday workout you could always take a TRX with you. This is a suspension training system that has handles similar to gymnastics rings. It’s easy to transport and can be attached to most doors. You can buy a TRX on Amazon, with versions available for most price ranges. You can your TRX to train the whole body and it’s suitable for everyone from complete beginners to professional athletes. Here are 10 exercises from My Fitness Pal to get you started.
  9. Take your exercise matt with you and follow an online yoga or pilates class. An exercise matt is light weight and should fit in most suitcases. Find a shady and quite spot and you are all set!

So, there are our tips for exercising on holiday. We are also totally aware that for some people the idea of exercising on holiday makes then shudder and they would rather eat their own hand ?. And that’s okay too. Sometimes you just need a break.

Most importantly have a great holiday! ☀️


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