Improve your Osteoarthritis with Physiotherapy

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the UK, and yet hundreds of sufferers remain oblivious to the variety of choices that can help ease their discomfort. There are hundreds of symptom relief suggestions available, from physiotherapy to home-made remedies that have varying levels of success depending on the individual.

One suggested method is to increase the level of regular exercise sessions, either in the comfort of your home or in a local gym. There are several easy exercises that are ideal for osteoarthritis sufferers that increase the heart rate without causing excessive pain. If you are concerned about causing more damage than good, we fit specialist knee supports in our main clinic in London, such as our Ossur knee bracing in Harley Street, which helps to ease the pressure caused by exercise and increase your comfort. Swimming, walking and cycling are three of the suggested activities which help to decrease the chances of the joints locking, and would benefit you further from the support of a knee brace.

If you find that walking puts too much pressure on your joints and causes you difficulty, try easing that pressure by attending a swimming session or spreading your weight across a bicycle. Here at Technique Physio, we have a wealth of information about the best forms of exercise to accompany our Physiotherapy treatments and knee braces, which can be explained to you by getting in touch with our knowledge base.

A recent study into manual physiotherapy from the University of Otago shows the benefits of having regular physiotherapy or exercise programmes, helping to ease pain in the knee and hip joints in a cost effective manner. At Technique Physio we offer a large selection of varying physiotherapy techniques, including manual physiotherapy which has been proven to aid sufferers’ relief if maintained over a longer period of time.

Manual and sports physiotherapy includes the manipulation and mobilisation of muscles that provide both short and long term pain relief at a price that offers value for money. Our manual therapy in London includes the use of trigger point release and deep tissue massage to encourage mobility in the joints and reduce pain from friction. Sports massages are part of the manual physiotherapy services we offer, which are there to increase your flexibility and have a number of additional benefits not only for osteoarthritis clients, but for all members of the public.

The variety of services that we offer here at Technique Physio are designed with your comfort in mind, with the aim to help reduce your discomfort and increase your mobility.


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