All you should know about Low Back Pain

Low back pain and Osteopathy

“Low back pain is very common, it affects 80% of the population and has the highest prevalence between 30-70 years old,” said Damien Laruelle new Osteopath at Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine in Kentish Town. As an osteopath, he is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with low back pain, also commonly known as sciatica.

Low back pain can be very disabling. In fact, low back pain causes more global disability than any other condition (Hoy et al 2012) and osteopathy can be very helpful in its effective treatment.


Generally, symptoms can be:

  •  Broad dull ache in the back that can be worst for sitting
  •  Sharp pain on movement
  •  Pain in the gluteal region
  •  Shooting pain down one leg with some pins & needles or slight tingling sensation in the toes
  •  Morning stiffness in the lower back that eases of with movement or hot shower.

For effective treatment, he takes a detailed case history to better understand the potential causes of someone’s back pain, causes may be simple mechanical low back pain or even osteoarthritis. For the osteopathic treatment, he uses hands on treatments such as spinal manipulations, articulations and soft tissue techniques alongside exercise and medical acupuncture which have all been shown to be effective in treating back pain. Further to this he can also use kinesiology and sports taping to relieve pain and facilitate normal movement.

Although it might feel safer not to move our back and rest when it is painful, studies show that keeping active aid in our recovery. Pain can make us think that we are doing damage but actually moving helps us get better sooner and prevent against future episode. So even if it might feel uncomfortable at first exercise and everyday activities, changes in your lifestyle will all help you on the road to recovery.

Biography Damien Laruelle

 Damien Laruelle Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine
sources: private

Damien graduated with a master’s degree from the European School of Osteopathy, Kent. As an osteopath, he is a musculoskeletal specialist, trained in assessing and treating any musculoskeletal complaints including acute and chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Damien believes in a holistic approach addressing all the factors contributing to patient’s pain and not only focusing on relieving the symptoms. Together we will establish a management plan in order to allow the body to heal and prevent injuries from reoccurring.

If you have some of the symptoms or you just want to check your spine is healthy please contact our clinic and book your assessment.


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