More Regent’s Park Running! Plus 6 x 400m

So my previous posts have included running around Regent’s park. One thing I haven’t mentioned though is that it’s a perfect 5 km loop. Brilliant if you are training for an event, gives you a nice whole number to work with.

Regents parkIt has to be a favourite run of mine, mainly because it’s all about health and activity in London. Make your way to the centre of the park on any spring/summer evening and you’ll find a hive of activity. Football, touch Rugby, soft ball, cricket and Australian rules football, plus all the runners. It’s really quite inspiring to see Londoner’s doing their thing.

A friend and I recently started running to the northern side of Regent’s park where you’ll find a 396m olympic style running track, right from the days of Chariots of fire. We decided to get fit for pre-season rugby training (yep that’s pre pre-season training), by completing 6 sets of 400 metres in under 80 seconds with 90-120 seconds rest between repetitions. One word – horrible!

If you are a distance runner though and want to improve your times, this might be one run that helps you get there, pushing your anaerobic threshold will allow you to work harder on race day. So if you find yourself running around Regent’s stop off at the track and put down your best 6 laps, best to do it with a training partner though, otherwise you might decide that 3 is enough!!


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