Nuno Henriques

Specialist MSK Physiotherapist

A Bit aBout Nuno

Nuno graduated from the University of Pretoria with both a degree in BSc: Human
Physiology in 2010 and a BPhysT: Physiotherapy Honours degree in 2014. He then went on to
complete a Sports Physiotherapy certification. Nuno is passionate about CrossFit, himself
being an athlete who has competed at several events. He set up a clinic back in South Africa
treating CrossFit clients before moving to the UK. His focus is mostly on sports injuries and
he believes exercise is medicine. Nuno focuses on evidence- based practice and progressing
outcome measures. He is multi-faceted in his treatment approach and incorporates several
modalities to reach his client’s goals. His interest into developing networks and business
have been peaked since moving to London. 

He believes in constant progress and never
looking back. “If you are standing still, you are moving backwards”.
In his spare time, Nuno loves to travel and learn new cultures and understand different
people’s perspective. He religiously follows most Motorsports and Football. And dare we
forget his training…

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