After months of back-pain, Mike quickly identified the reasons for my problems. A combination of hands-on treatment and a back training regime had me back in business in only a few weeks – wish I had booked an appointment much quicker

Jesper Loldrup


I Warrant Officer Phil Criddle would like to take this opportunity to thank Stuart Wareham for all his help in getting me back to full fitness following a neck and shoulder injury that had been causing me so much stress and so many painful, sleepless nights.  Initially we concentrated on diagnosing, treating and relieving the neck symptoms using manual therapy and massage. Stuart was able to relieve my neck symptoms within a few sessions, allowing us the opportunity to concentrate on a tear in the shoulder muscles. With the assistance of Stuart I have started working on an exercise program that has allowed me to get this issue sorted out. He has always been upfront, honest and genuine during our sessions. I would recommend Stuart to anybody as he is polite, professional and assists you all the way through your rehabilitation program to ensure that you are fully fit again. He does not stop until 100% sure that you have achieved your goals, which is a great thing to know.

Phil Criddle - WO2


I had the good fortune to be a patient of Stu’s for nearly two years. During that time he correctly identified a complicated knee injury that numerous other physiotherapists had misdiagnosed and developed a bespoke rehabilitation program which saw me make a full recovery. Stu was particularly good at using his influence, reputation for professional excellence and natural charm to fast track me into appointments with consultants and other doctors in the sports injury field. As the treatment progressed and I was exposed to other experts in physiotherapy and sports medicine, I felt increasingly lucky to have Stu as my primary physiotherapist. He was consistently honest, always friendly and demonstrably professional in everything he did. I enjoyed our sessions and felt it was my responsibility to match the effort that Stu was putting in. As a result, I made good progress and recovered quickly, having developed physically in such a way so as to guard against recurring injury. I cannot recommend Stu highly enough as a physiotherapist. He is a great guy with whom I throughly enjoyed working.

AJT - Captain, Grenadier Guards

I first met Mike Aunger about a year ago after I had been to the emergency department at Charing Cross Hospital in the middle of the night with severe lower back pain. The pain radiated down my right leg and prevented me from walking very far. The hospital prescribed some serious pain killlers which had some unpleasant side effects. Mike started working on my back and legs shortly after that. The pain began to subside and the leg pain went away. I had tried other physiotherapists and a chiropractor – none made any difference but Mike did. The last year would have been unmanageable if not for his treatment and my travelling would have been seriously curtailed

Mike Anderson

I was introduced to Michael Aunger at Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine after sustaining a neck injury. The injury was affecting my daily activities and especially my golf. Mike clearly understood my sporting needs from the beginning and was quickly able to ascertain the specific spinal level within my neck that was injured and limiting my movement. After a few sessions of specific mobilisations, home stretching and strengthening work he was able to resolve my issue completely. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike and the team at Technique, and thank them for returning me to full fitness in such a short period of time.

Adam Gee - European Tour Golfer


There was an email with advice on how to manage the condition before I had got back to my desk, great service!

Andrew Metcalfe - JP Morgan

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