The Black Mountains


When the weather is good, the UK has so much to offer. I spent the weekend in the Black mountains Wales in a tiny village called Cwmdu, the campsite was surrounded by the hills and farms but had enough shading patches to set up the tent to avoid that early morning sun, which causes sweaty tent at 7am in the morning.

Breakfast was provided by the local butchers, bacon kept its form on the gas stove. I don’t think I could ever go back to supermarket bacon, which shrinks to a 1/3 of the size after being cooked..

A few weeks prior to the trip Ben Fogle had published a list of 10 great British walks. So we decided to follow in his footsteps and we embarked on a 14 mile loop walk of the Waun Fach Summit. The sun was shining; the sheep baa’ing and we came across collections of wild roaming mountain horses. Looking over a sugar loaf mountain (not of the Rio variety) the 360 panoramic views were 1st class. Lunch on top of the summit was disturbed by the only passerby we saw all day. We shared a coffee, bid him goodbye and continued on our way.

Not a seasoned walker myself I was feeling the burn at the end of the day as we struggled to find our way back to the start of the walk (Ben would recommend an ordinance survey map if you decide to go, we didn’t have one).

A few miles up the road we found a tiny bunkhouse serving homemade food, local re-ales and showing the football. All but the latter were an absolute treat!

Next day my 65 year old father was up early and as spritely as ever as I nursed a sore (RT) glues maximius. It just goes to show that regardless of the activity conditioning is important at all ages.

2 nights camping cost £17, 2 rations of bacon coast £1.10, drowning our sorrows after the England game £15. All in all a great escape away at a budget price!

Check out Ben Fogle’s article by clicking here – An all-dayer in the black mountains 


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